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Game of FLIP V.1.0 Apk Download

    Game of FLIP

    About App

    The game ‘Game of FLIP’ has to be the most popular game in the flipping community. It connects you to your friends and other flippers, it’s fun to play, and it motivates you to learn and try new tricks!
    It’s not always easy to win a Game of FLIP, definitely not if you are battling against an opponent who only thinks of tricks that aren’t in your skill levels.
    That’s why Game of FLIP was created.

    In Game of FLIP you will find different levels of difficulties which fit your skills. Game of FLIP chooses randomized tricks for you AND your opponent(s) which are always tricks that aren’t predictable. This way everybody has an equal chance of winning the game.
    Game of FLIP gives you the opportunity to beat players that might even be a bit better than you!


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