GFX Tool For Pubg Mobile Supports All Versions

GFX Tool For Pubg Mobile: If you like to play pubg mobile then you are at the right place. Today we are going to tell you about pubg mobile tools that will make your gameplay a lot more fun.

Yes, today in this post we are going to talk about the GFX Tool.

If you play pubg mobile in your stock Android then you will face many problems like pubg mobile lag, lack of high quality graphics, stuck and high ping. The solution to all these problems is the GFX tool.

GFX Tool is an Android Game launcher tool designed for pubg mobile Where you can customize things like graphics, audio and pictures of Pubg mobile.

    Read Carefully: The GFX Tool is not an official app for pubg mobile. It is unofficial app.
    Gfx tool for pubg mobile apk download

    Size3.3 MB
    Requirements5.0 & Above
    Updated On18 March 2020

    What is GFX Tool For Pubg?

    GFX Tool is the launcher of Pubg Mobile that allows users to customize pubg mobile graphics, rendering, GPU and Picture quality. It helps you to improve gameplay.

    Advantages of GFX Tool For Pubg

    1. It's Completely Free for all android user.
    2. Gfx Tool for Pubg is available on Google play store that means it is verified by play protect.
    3. Gfx Tool for Pubg supports android 4.1+.

    Disadvantages of GFX Tool For Pubg

    1. After installing GFX Tool, your mobile starts heating up.
    2. It demands to be updated every week.
    3. Before launching Pubg Mobile it shows an ad.
    4. It can reset your Pubg Mobile setting to default.

    Download GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile

    If you are interested to download GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile, than click on the green Download Button to get direct link of GFX Tool. The Apk file of GFX Tool will start downloading in your mobile.

    😃 Click Here to Download GFX Tool Apk for 3.3MB😃

    Features of GFX Tool for Pubg

    • Set optimal resolution for the game.
    • Unlock HDR Graphics in Low-end Devices.
    • Unlock the FPS Levels.
    • Customize character shadow.
    • GPU Optimization.
    • Customize Rendering, Texture, Effects and Sound Quality.
    • Reduce GPU Load.
    • Choose your favorite color filter.
    • Choose the best graphics for your device.
    • Set best color format.
    • Fix the lag and ping issue to improve gameplay.

    How to Use GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile?

    Make sure your Pubg is up to date before using the GFX tool. Follow the step by step instructions to use the GFX tool in Pubg Mobile.
    • Open the GFX Tool App.
    • Select the Pubg Mobile Version.
    • Click on Resolution to customize optimal size for Pubg Mobile.
    • Set all the setting like Graphics, Styles and FPS with respect to your android device.
    • Tap on Accept and run Pubg Mobile.
    • Congrats your pubg mobile is ready to play with no lag issue.

    For More Information Check Out This Video:

    How to install GFX Tool for Pubg Mobile?

    • Click on green download button to download GFX Tool Apk
    • Open GFX application in file manager
    • Read all the permission carefully
    • Allow GFX for Access Pubg mobile
    • Now use GFX tool

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is GFX Tool Supports all android versions?

    No, because it's depend on pubg mobile version. If the pubg is running on device that means GFX is ready to use.

    GFX Tool is safe for Android device?

    Yes, GFX Tool is completely safe for use in an Android. Being a GFX tool, there is no scope of any kind of malware or virus in your mobile.

    GFX Tool will not ban Pubg ID?

    Don't worry, it will not ban your Pubg ID. It is not designed for the purpose of trick or cheating, it is designed to optimize Pubg Mobile.


    The GFX tool is best for a better gaming experience. It manipulates Pubg Mobile graphics, rendering and FPS etc. If you have a low-end device, then this tool is the beast for you, but if you have a high-end device like iPad, then it is not much valuable for you.