HappyLoan V1.0.4 Apk For Android (Instant Loan + Low Interest)

Hey people's, in this page I introduce an interesting app that help you to take a loan online. Yes, I found this app on Google Play. So without wasting any time let's begin.

HappyLoan App

Okay, this application is known as HappyLoan. It is recently launched on Google Play for those people whose finding best online loan app. I will show you what is HappyLoan and How it's working now.

What is HappyLoan?

HappyLoan is online loan service app that provides instant financial loan in your bank with lowest interest. It is the open guide app for Loan Market. By using this app you can get all details about how to get personal loan, home loan, education loan, credit card loan, business loan, gold loan, car loan, bike loan.

Service of HappyLoan App

  • Personal Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Home Loans
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Credit Cards
  • Gold Loan
  • Bike Loan
  • Education Loan

HappyLoan Technical Info

According to Google Play, The name of the app is HappyLoan. This app is published by GoodLoan on 24 May 2020. App consist size for 14MB. Currently, it is installed by 100,000+ people on Google Play Store and rated it to 3.8 approx. Note "this app is not for all android version, it supports 4.4 and up. If you are interested for download this app go to Google Play Store and search for it otherwise click on below link.

This Download link redirect you to google play store directly.

HappyLoan Customer Model

Specification Info
Loan amount ₹ 1,000 to 500,000.
Duration 91 Days-3 Years
Interest 12%-33% Per Year
User Age Limit 18-60 Years Old

If the loan amount is ₹ 10,000 and the interest rate is 18% per year, with the tenure of 91 days, after deducting the processing fee, the interest payable is as follows:
Interest = ₹ 10,000 * 18% / 365 * 91 = ₹ 449.


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