How to Apply for YG Audition in 2020

If you have the talent of singing or dancing and trying to apply audition for YG Entertainment, This article is the best platform for you. In this article I will share About application for YG Audition.

Apply for YG Audition

What is YG Audition?

YG stands for Yang Goon which is the platform of artist. It is entertainment based company of South Korea. Mostly singers and dancers apply for the YG audition.

How to Apply for YG Audition?

  1. Select a Korean or English song.
  2. Make a Video Song Clip.
  3. Go to Email and Attach Video Song File.
  4. Enter the Title of Email just like [YG Audition].
  5. Send email on
  6. YG Team will send you a confirmation mail on your email.

Tips before Applying YG Audition: -

  • Make sure your age is 19 or above. But if you belong to korea than 12 to 21.
  • They do not focus on your face, dancing or beats, they mainly focus on your Singing.
  • Make two songs in Korean and English language.
  • Record your Video Song in Bright place.
  • You have to be confident infront of them.
  • If you are foreigner, you need to able speak in Korean.
  • you need to have a good physical state.