Adorable Home (Unlimited Hearts) Game For Android

Today we have come up with a very cute game where you have to love and earn love in return. Don't get it! I'll explain Today we are talking about Adorable Home which has been developed by HyperBeard. This is a simulation style game that does not contain any violent activity. Instead, there exists a loving environment to live in and be happy in it.

The icon you see above is of Adorable Home's Android game, which we have discussed in detail below.


You and your partner have just bye your old house and moved to the new house with your lovely pet cat. Your cat's name is Snow.

As soon as you enter the house you can see a table, TV stand and sofa. Hey, your new house needs cleaning and decoration too. But a minute is also missing! But what? Yes, there is no TV here, we have to buy it. Apart from TV, there are many other things which are not present here, we have to gradually age all.

Now you can't just watch TV throughout the day, your partner needs to go to work and you have to prepare food for him as well. You also have to spend time with your pet and give him lots of love so that you can earn lots of hearts.

Decorate Your Sweet Home

To make your home beautiful, you have to clean it and prepare for the decoration. You have to make a list of what you need in decoration and buy all those items from the market. Keep in mind that while shopping your money will be deducted from the game and the value of each item will be decided on the basis of its quality and beauty. Now start decorating and make your sweet home attractive.

Adopt More Cats

In this, you have a pet cat named Snow. You take care of what you raise and feed. You also pamper her from time to time, which makes her feel very happy. When she's happy with you, you get Hearts instead, which you can use in various places in the game.

If you want, you can adopt more cats and have fun with them. The more cats you keep, the more Hearts you will get. If you want Unlimited Hearts, start sheltering as many Cats as you can at home.