Megapolis Mod APK (Unlimited Megabucks)

We are back with another awesome game that allows you to build the world's best metropolis at your fingertips. So, this is Megapolis Mod APK that gives you Unlimited Megabucks for FREE. If you love simulation-based games then you should try this one and install it on Android to Enjoy the game.

megapolis mod apk

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Megapolis, an urban construction simulator where you can build the best metropolis in the world. An economic simulation game based on real market rules, Megapolis lets you design your city to your liking! Megapolis is fun for the whole family - no matter how old you are or what kind of gamer you are. Every decision is up to you, because your quiet city will become a big metropolis. Once you start developing your strategy, you will be invincible!

About Megapolis Mod APK (Unlimited Megabucks)

Make smart business decisions to keep your citizens happy and design your vision. Everything to enjoy! Become the world's most creative mega-capitalist and best architect! Build, expand, and plan strategically - Megapolis is in your hands!

megapolis mod apk unlimited megabucks

You will never get bored in Megapolis - there are many opportunities for improvement! Build bridges to unlock new areas and create a great urban infrastructure. Improving scientific knowledge by establishing a research center. Expand your natural resource extraction industry. Become a real oil tycoon and much more ... The sky is the limit in simulating your city!

Create realistic buildings and monuments

Have you ever wanted to see Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty from one street? Well, you can! Build hundreds of iconic buildings and landmarks that look lifelike. Build homes, skyscrapers, parks, and choose landmarks to add to your skyline. Build bridges connecting districts and place buildings strategically to keep taxes flowing and your city growing. There is always something new and exciting to make your city unique!

Build urban infrastructure

Megapolis continues to grow! Create one of the busiest transportation hubs you've ever seen and give your citizens all the benefits of modern civilization. Build infrastructure such as highway ring roads, railroad tracks and stations for freight and passenger trains, airports with planes to send flights around the world, and more!

Advance scientific knowledge

For faster progression and conquest of the galaxy, Megapolis definitely needs a Research Center! Discover new materials, improve your engineering skills and build a space airport to launch your rockets into. Don't forget to invest in luxury equipment like mapping boats, atmospheric silencers, marine research vehicles and more!

Download Megapolis Mod APK Latest Version

Megapolis is free to play, but some game items can also be bought for real money - if you want, you can earn these items for free just by playing the game: watch ads, win matches, log in every day, trade other players and much more. You need an internet connection to play Megapolis to download the latest updates, automatically save your progress, and communicate with your teammates in this city-building simulation game.

Updated April 16, 2022
Version 6.01
Size 93MB
Mod Features Unlimited Megabucks
Developer Social Quantum Ltd
Requirements Android 4.4+
Get it on Google Play

Features of Megapolis Mod

  • Real-life buildings and monuments
  • Research center: advance scientific knowledge to progress faster
  • Industrial complex: collect and process resources
  • Infrastructure upgrades: railway, airport, ring road, ships and more
  • Military base: develop new weapons and enter the arms race
  • State contests: Create your own state and join the contests